Bonner County is a great place to start.

Start Up! Bonner County is a new community-driven entrepreneurial development program.

Bonner County's most successful companies were started right here and grew here.  Start Up! Bonner County focuses on pairing developing entrepreneurs with successful business people who have volunteered to help with coaching and business planning.  This coaching is offered at no charge to the entrepreneur.

The goal of the program is to shorten the development time to launch successful companies that will be based in Bonner County and over time provide more, better paying jobs for our community.  As this project builds, we also intend to develop a community-based funding pool that would be invested in equity, loans or potentially grants to the best and brightest new companies that excel in this process.

If you are interested in working with Start Up! Bonner County to get help with starting your business, or maybe just want to discuss a business concept you have always wanted to start, you can fill out the following form and we will follow up with you.